The BIG Island

Hawaii Part 2! From O’ahu I flew to Hilo on the Big Island. The island is actually named Hawai’i which can cause confusion since the entire state is also Hawaii. Most folks just call it the Big Island which is absolutely true. All the other Hawaiian Islands could fit on the Big Island. One of […]

O’ahu, Hawaii

Hey look, it’s a new blog post! It’s taken a while, I know. But I was really busy having cool new experiences, driving around, recovering from illnesses, visiting folks, trying to figure out where to sleep at night, reading, etc, etc. Being voluntary homeless, unemployed and living out of your car (or a suitcase) is […]

Grand Canyon -> Chula Vista, CA

Greetings from somewhere above the Pacific Ocean on my way to Honolulu. See, I’m being productive on my 5 hour flight. Now let’s see where did I leave off……oh yes, Phoenix. Hot, hot Phoenix despite it only being April. Clearly I needed to head North, so I did. I found a great campsite online just […]

Eatonton, GA -> Black Mesa State Park, OK

This post will track my travels from Eatonton, GA to Black Mesa State Park, Oklahoma. This trek covered 7 states and took 12 days. I encountered Spring and then lost it then found it again – repeatedly. The blooming Dogwood and Eastern Red Bud trees were amazing each time I saw them. See the pictures […]

Richmond, VA -> Tugaloo State Park, GA

I started the solo road trip portion of my trip the week before Easter. I headed out of Winchester, VA toward Tugaloo State Park in Georgia where I was spending Easter weekend with my sister Franny. It’s a one day drive I was stretching into four. It was surprisingly easy since I stayed 3 nights […]