Canada & Alaska!

Now that I had decided to go to all 50 states, I had to figure out how and when I was going to get to Alaska. It made sense to head there now since I was already in the Pacific Northwest, but this was complicated by a flight I had out of Portland, OR to […]

West from Wisconsin….

Greetings from Alexandria, VA. I’ve returned to where I was back in mid-March with one BIG difference. On October 9th I went to Delaware, and now I have officially been to ALL 50 states (plus Washington DC & British Columbia) on this trip. That is a total of 23,773 miles since I left Troy, NH […]

East to Michigan!

Hola from Wildwood, GA where I’m staying in a super cool 192 square foot tiny house. Yeah, I totally want one! I know you’re thinking it sounds too small but as someone whose been sleeping in a tent and living out of her car for nearly 9 months – it seems plenty big. From their […]


  Holy moly, I’ve been wicked busy driving about seeing & doing stuff! In July I put 5,722 miles on my car. I went from LA to the much cooler Northern CA then through Oregon and Idaho on to Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and then to Washington via Montana. Somewhere along the way, […]


My final island, also Hawaii’s oldest inhabited island, was Kaua’i. (Truth in Blogging: Ok, technically my final island was O’ahu since I need to go back there to catch my flight to the mainland.). Kaua’i is known as the Garden Isle and is the wettest place on earth with an average annual rainfall of 440 […]