Chula Vista, CA -> Los Angeles, CA

I took a little side trip up the California Coast between my stay in Chula Vista and my arrival in LA. It took a while as I avoided traffic and wild fires to get to Montana de Oro State Park from Chula Vista. I’d been told this was a lovely park, and it did not […]

O’ahu, Hawaii

Hey look, it’s a new blog post! It’s taken a while, I know. But I was really busy having cool new experiences, driving around, recovering from illnesses, visiting folks, trying to figure out where to sleep at night, reading, etc, etc. Being voluntary homeless, unemployed and living out of your car (or a suitcase) is […]

Grand Canyon -> Chula Vista, CA

Greetings from somewhere above the Pacific Ocean on my way to Honolulu. See, I’m being productive on my 5 hour flight. Now let’s see where did I leave off……oh yes, Phoenix. Hot, hot Phoenix despite it only being April. Clearly I needed to head North, so I did. I found a great campsite online just […]

Black Mesa -> Phoenix, AZ

Greetings from Chula Vista, CA where I showed up on April 25th. This post will encompass the 11 days it took to get from Black Mesa in Oklahoma to Phoenix, AZ. My next post will cover the rest of the journey. Or as much as I can get done before I head to Hawaii in […]

Washington, DC

Does this post have too many words?? To see my photos click the map. My time in Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA was a mix of unpacking, running errands, more dog walking, visiting and sight seeing. I didn’t go crazy with the sight seeing since I know I’ll be back numerous time over the next […]