Chula Vista, CA -> Los Angeles, CA

I took a little side trip up the California Coast between my stay in Chula Vista and my arrival in LA. It took a while as I avoided traffic and wild fires to get to Montana de Oro State Park from Chula Vista. I’d been told this was a lovely park, and it did not […]


  Holy moly, I’ve been wicked busy driving about seeing & doing stuff! In July I put 5,722 miles on my car. I went from LA to the much cooler Northern CA then through Oregon and Idaho on to Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and then to Washington via Montana. Somewhere along the way, […]


My final island, also Hawaii’s oldest inhabited island, was Kaua’i. (Truth in Blogging: Ok, technically my final island was O’ahu since I need to go back there to catch my flight to the mainland.). Kaua’i is known as the Garden Isle and is the wettest place on earth with an average annual rainfall of 440 […]

The BIG Island

Hawaii Part 2! From O’ahu I flew to Hilo on the Big Island. The island is actually named Hawai’i which can cause confusion since the entire state is also Hawaii. Most folks just call it the Big Island which is absolutely true. All the other Hawaiian Islands could fit on the Big Island. One of […]

O’ahu, Hawaii

Hey look, it’s a new blog post! It’s taken a while, I know. But I was really busy having cool new experiences, driving around, recovering from illnesses, visiting folks, trying to figure out where to sleep at night, reading, etc, etc. Being voluntary homeless, unemployed and living out of your car (or a suitcase) is […]