Chula Vista, CA -> Los Angeles, CA

From Route 1 CA

I took a little side trip up the California Coast between my stay in Chula Vista and my arrival in LA. It took a while as I avoided traffic and wild fires to get to Montana de Oro State Park from Chula Vista. I’d been told this was a lovely park, and it did not disappoint. Beautiful coastline of cliffs and tons of trails along it. Next I headed north up Route 1 to San Fransisco which took a while because I had to keep stopping to look at interesting things.

In San Fransisco, I stayed with librarian friends from my days as a Librarian in San Antonio (yes, it was many, many days ago). We talked librarian talk – interesting to us probably not so much to you. But Rebecca also took me to the coolest, creepiest, most fascinating place ever! From their website – “Welcome to the Musée Mécanique, one of the world’s largest (over 200) privately owned collection of coin-operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade machines in their original working condition. (You can play them!)”.


There were no less than four execution machines (hanging AND guillotine) plus a working fair completely made from toothpicks, and a desolate old, West scene that when I put in a quarter all it did was blow wind through the tattered remains of a covered wagon. We were there for a long time because I did not want to miss a single thing! Plus, I totally crushed it playing my favorite arcade game (my only arcade game, really) – Centipede (circa 1980). Rebecca and I also spent some time in the mission district checking stuff out (did you see the little library thing I did there???).

San Fransico, CA
San Fransico, CA

From SF I headed on to Point Reyes (See Mame, I didn’t forget!) on Route 1. This also took awhile as I had to keep stopping – bird sanctuary with redwood trees, seal lions, an interesting house, an eagle, ocean views, ocean views, ocean views in Big Sur.  (Click this ->  Sea Lions! for a short video of the sea lions I saw.)

I got there so late I decided to drive around the area in the morning which turned out to be a big mistake. In the morning I got to see fog, lots and lots of fog and a few cows.

Clearly, I need to go back some other day – on this day I headed off to camp for the night in a giant sequoia grove. I made it, no thanks to the GPS which took me on a road that would have best been driven in a four wheel drive truck. There was a much less exciting route which I took on the way out. Giant sequoias– words and photos fail to convey how enormous and awe inspiring they are. The National Park Service has done a nice job of writing up their history and current condition – find it here NPS History   I had a great campsite in the grove and got up early to walk the Trail of Giants alone with just the giant, enormous, huge, gargantuan trees. A perfect bit of nature before heading into the city.

This was the last stop before my LA experience which you already know all about. 🙂

Click the trees to see amazing photos!

So Big! Click for more photos.
So Big! Click for more photos.