Virginia -> Florida

By Beth Richardson
Where I’ve been so far by Beth Richardson

I am in sunny FL, but where the heck is my car??? Oh right, Virginia. Yes, but how will I take an amazing road trip adventure (as advertised) without my car?!? Easy – From FL I will fly to San Antonio, TX where I will help a good friend pack up for her big move to Washington, DC. (Side Note: This is the same friend I helped move to San Antonio 15 years ago back when I was homeless and unemployed after getting my master’s in Library Science. Then I stayed for 4 years. It’s where I got my first professional library job.). Then in a few weeks we’ll drive from TX to DC with her two dogs. After a few weeks in DC, a quick drive to VA will reunite me with my car. Whew! Aren’t you glad you asked?   😉

This past week has been a whirlwind of things seen, places looked at and food eaten. Stopped by Mount Ariy, NC hometown of Andy Griffith…….those under 30 I will wait while you look him up on IMDB…..Lot’s of Mayberry stuff there, none of it open on Sunday. A coin toss on Monday sent us driving toward the coast instead of the mountains. Found several great looking touristy places to go that were not open on Monday OR Tuesday – much annoyed grumbling ensued.

Eventually made it to the coast where Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks was quite interesting. Home of the Wright Brother’s first flight and a nice national park monument. More info here TES kids – . It’s the off season so we were able to snag a great hotel room right on the beach and there were no crowds to speak of. Wahoo!

Wednesday we toured historic New Bern, NC which I enjoyed just as much as I did when I was there 8 years ago. But the winning place of the trip was Fort Macon an hour outside of New Bern. It was a super cool old fort that’s seen troops from at least 3 different wars including WWII. I learned a ton, took some great pictures, AND it was free. Win, Win!

Thursday it rained all day which was perfect since we drove all day and ended up in Savannah, Ga just a short drive to our Friday destination of Saint Augustine, FL. We spent most of Friday wandering around Saint Augustine the nation’s oldest city (How old would that be TES kids?) looking at cool, old stuff. See the pics! 🙂

Am now spending the week with my mom and sisters before heading to TX. It’s nice to be in one place for a bit, but only a little bit.

Here is a slideshow of some of the places we went:

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