Remember that time I left Troy, NH and traveled to all 50 states and then got a job as the Assistant Branch Manager at the Reston Regional Library in VA? Well, things are a-changing again (kinda). Beginning on November 27th, I will be the director of the Gay-Kimball Library in Troy, NH. Wait, What!!! I […]

The end is near!

Whaoo! I am back for the final installment of what did Catherine do back in August and September. When I last blogged I said I was headed to Montreal for my annual visit. Much of it looked like this.   Then I hung out with a bunch of college friends for geekend and it looked […]

Canada & Alaska!

Now that I had decided to go to all 50 states, I had to figure out how and when I was going to get to Alaska. It made sense to head there now since I was already in the Pacific Northwest, but this was complicated by a flight I had out of Portland, OR to […]

West from Wisconsin….

Greetings from Alexandria, VA. I’ve returned to where I was back in mid-March with one BIG difference. On October 9th I went to Delaware, and now I have officially been to ALL 50 states (plus Washington DC & British Columbia) on this trip. That is a total of 23,773 miles since I left Troy, NH […]

East to Michigan!

Hola from Wildwood, GA where I’m staying in a super cool 192 square foot tiny house. Yeah, I totally want one! I know you’re thinking it sounds too small but as someone whose been sleeping in a tent and living out of her car for nearly 9 months – it seems plenty big. From their […]